Monday, July 8, 2024

The Transfer Window has Opened

At Schwarz Etienne -

News reached the North Shore HQ of Henki Time earlier this AM that Schwarz Etienne not only had a swanky new (used) HQ, but also had appointed a new Managing Director - Florian Brossard. While I am not familiar with Mr. Brossard myself, I fired up the "Google Machine" and discovered that he had worked at Montblanc back in the earlier part of this century, but am not sure what he has been up to lately. 

I would assume that after a year without Mauro Ergemini at the helm (at least if his LinkedIn is to be believed) Mr. Brossard will fill that gap. I have met Mr. Egermini in BaselWorld at the "new and improved" Schwarz Etienne launch (back when Hall 2 was still a thing). Mr. Egermini was also involved in the white label program which seemed to have traveled under a few different flags - e2o innovations, TMH (Tradition Mécanique Horlogère), and La Division du Temps.

Now swimming somewhere in all of this holding company soup is Ming (the less said about their approach to after sales customer service, the better) which is where Mr. Egermini now finds himself as the head of their Swiss operations. 

For those of you old enough to remember, it's not unlike the 70s American sitcom - SOAP.

Now back to the new facility. I have actually walked past it twice on my way to visit Graham's former shared facilities (Le Joux Perret & Arnold & Sons). A little travel tip from your old pal Henki - it is also next to a fairly large home improvement center, department store and a hypermarket that does sell quite tasty ready to eat hot sandwiches. If it is the same building that I think it is, I applaud the money folks at Schwarz Etienne for rehabbing the building. On a personal note, and it might just have been my impression walking past it on a rainy October afternoon, it looked very out of place amongst the suburban sprawl, so maybe this second life will be a positive thing.

At any rate, we wish Mr. Brossard bon chance in his new role.

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