Saturday, July 6, 2024

The Transfer Window has Opened...

At Favre Leuba.

Word reached Henki Time's North Shore HQ that Silvercity (helmed by a Swiss-based Chairman whose name rhymes with Patrik Hoffmann) and is somehow connected with Indian owned Ethos distribution has acquired Favre Leuba and named as their Chairman... Patrik Hoffmann.

The timing in all of this is interesting as Mr. Hoffmann had been up until... now...Executive Vice President of WatchBox. Readers might recall that back in 2021, Watch Box acquired a majority stake in De Bethune. 

Favre Leuba has not had the luckiest recent history. A string of different CEO / Directors have not exactly drunk from the goblet of victory. Titan, a... well... titan in the watch business had used the old "Sleeping Beauty" technique to staunch the flow of red ink on their ledgers. Long story short, the mantel of Favre Leuba has proven to be a bit of a poisoned chalice for every wanna-be Biver who has dared to drink from it. Now wether or not Favre Leuba will be able to evolve being a zombie watch brand? Well that remains to be seen, but it would seem the big "relaunch" will take place during Geneva Watch Days. 

In fairness? Let's see what happens! 

This is a brand that has  bobbed up and down in the hinterlands of Watch Town for quite some time, so maybe this will finally be the answer. 
As I am not exactly on Mr. Hoffmann's "Christmas card list", I don't expect an interview will be forthcoming, but I promise to share any news as it arrives ; )

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