Friday, April 3, 2020

Too Small To Fail - Siduna

The watch world is full of bullshit.  There, I've said it.  The polite way to put it is "hyperbole".
I tend to speak plainly, which does not always endear me to those who guard the hallways of Watch Town with jealousy and venom.  But a few brands have really made an impression.  And one brand that I have taken great pleasure in following and finally buying one of their pieces, is Siduna.

And the object of intense desire for me was the M3440.  
A wonderfully simple bi-compax chronograph.  I was lucky enough to get to test drive one during BaselWorld last year -
I saved my pennies, nickels and dimes and when I had enough I was able to pick up my own during the District Time show in Washington DC last Autumn.  Mine is lucky # Hachi (that's 8 to you).
I am a social worker/English teacher and I honestly cannot afford to buy everything that catches my eye.  With the exception of a SWATCH, each watch I buy requires a plan, some savings, some discipline.  So it has to be special.  And the Siduna chronograph is just that, special.

Siduna is a two-man band composed of -
Courtesy of Siduna
Peter Wadbro, the watch maker who assembles each chronograph.
Courtesy of Siduna
And Francis Jacquerye, the designer who also happens to handle administration.  They are truly a dynamic duo.  And they do not do this from some idyllic Swiss workshop.  No, Siduna is based in what I have come to call the "Copenhagen / Malmo" metro area.  In Landskrona, Sweden, to be precise.
Currently, Siduna gives you the option to have a chronograph.  In fairness there are more options than just that.  You can have the standard Compax model, or the Flyback version.  In addition, there is a tuxedo version which Siduna refers to as "Harlequin".  
Courtesy of Siduna
Siduna offers a wonderful watch at a fair price.  No goofy promotional partnerships, no instafamous hucksters, no faux-friends of the brand.  

The watch world is full of brands that want to sell you something - a marketing partnership, a celebrity endorsement, a lifestyle.  In fairness, Siduna wants to sell you something as well -

A Watch.

Siduna - Too Small To Fail.

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