Friday, April 3, 2020

Too Small to Fail - Gavox

There are a lot of micro brands out there.  Truthfully, they are ten a penny.  Micro brand has become really, truly misunderstood and misapplied.  All too often, what micro brand leads people to assume is - bargain, value for money, even cheap.  What everyone fails to understand is that micro brand really should mean:

A brand that is small.  

And small does not mean weak, it does not mean insignificant, and in fact it should not, de facto, mean new.  Moreover, it should not default equate to "poor man's version" status for anything.  Now, when brands are in the "homage" business, then that is a barb that they will have to face.

But what about those people who do something completely different?  Something totally off of the radar?
Enter Michael Happe and Gavox.  And I think the watch that best sums up what the best possible meaning of micro brand should mean, is the Gavox Aurora.

My first review of this watch was nearly four years ago, and you can find it here -

And I have mused on it since -

Simply put, the world does not need more watch brands.  And the rapid destruction of several brand out there serves (albeit painfully) as a stark reminder of that fact.

But the world does need dreamers, people who thought - why not make a complex, multifunction quartz watch?

Gavox - too small to fail.

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