Saturday, March 14, 2020

Stay the Fuck Home

So, it seems that nobody has a monopoly on dumbfuckery and douchebaggery.  Tag Heuer decided that with the ever increasing numbers of infections in the US, it would be a saucy and bold move to... 

Hold a fucking party in a nightclub in New York City to launch a connected watch.  


Despite what one noted watch journalist might whisper in the ears of MANY watch brand executives, I am not the Anti-Christ.  True story, following a spill on my bicycle, certain parts of my hairline were shaved away, and no "sign of the beast" was found.  Sorry to disappoint  "you know who you are".

We are living in wicked-strange times.  Two days ago, I watched a well-educated, wealthy 60-something woman, who should have known better, threaten the life of a receptionist in a physical therapy clinic because schools in the area were closing and one of their therapists was leaving work early to pick up their child.

Toilet paper is apparently even more desirable than a stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus.

People are clearly scared.  And when people are scared, the do some pretty wacky things.

Having said that, science is a bitch goddess that does not give two shits what your political beliefs and marketing agendas are.  Gravity is one of those pesky things that, along with the crazy notion that the earth is, indeed round, tends to confound several world leaders.  And Covid-19 does not tend to discriminate based on how bold and daring your marketing campaign might be. 

By holding launch parties watch (and other industry) brands are putting far more people at risk than just themselves.  You want to go to crazy town?  You book a solo ticket, you don't force everyone to go with you.

So what's next?  A limited edition to commemorate this special time, say maybe the "2-4% Professional Model" because only 2-4 % will die?  Wouldn't you love to be in that pitch meeting?

These are people who should FUCKING KNOW BETTER than to put so many people at risk to feed their egos.

Truth be told?  If some someone with more Swiss francs than sense wants to soul-kiss a Petri dish of cooties?  Let them.  Fair enough.

But when said jackass books a venue (consigning the servers, bartender, d-jay, guests, and... - their fucking loyal staff) to close-quarter contact during a fucking pandemic?

It's a dick move.


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