Sunday, June 16, 2019

You Never Get Over your First Love

Eterna, on the whole, reminds me that we very seldom operate from a place of rationality.  And if we're being honest with each other, that runs true in pretty much every facet of the luxury industry.  Common sense tells you that, in essence, it's just a watch.  Calm down, collect your thoughts, be reasonable...
Courtesy of Eterna

Now my common sense tells me that Eterna is, at the moment, not exactly living its "best life".   If my inside sources are to be believed, there is no actual CEO pulling the levers, but rather a consultant who is, well... consulting.  And in the big scheme of things?  Nothing wrong with that, as my understanding they are in "Sleeping Beauty" mode, waiting for Prince Charming to plant one on them.  The head of the movement division has "moved on", and suffice it to say, nobody is entirely sure as to what's next.

But obsession is a very curious thing, and so long as it is kept in a relatively healthy perspective, I suppose that there are worse things to be obsessed about than the Kontiki Bronze Diver.  I can rationalize all that I want, but for me Eterna has always been a romantic connection.  Something that I have never been able to adequately explain in black and white.  It is, I guess, my own sense of Eterna sais quoi.

Although it was a limited edition a few years back, it appears to still be available.  For those so inclined, here are the pertinents -

Ref: 1291.78.51.1430

Calibre Maison Eterna EMC 3902A, power reserve 65h, 28’800 v.p.h, 30 jewels, 1 ball bearing

All brushed bronze, rotating bezel with green ceramic ring, case back secured with screw, sapphire crystal opening in stainless steel
Scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal
∅ 44 mm / 14.05 mm
Green, matte structured
Brown waterproof leather strap, bronze pin buckle
Hour, minute, second

I for one would really like to see a feel-good, love story-triumphant comeback.  But for now I will live with my obsession.

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  1. Eterna really really needs to "overhaul" their sizing strategy. 44mm puts it waaaay outside a lot of people's wrists (it's not 2005 anymore. leave the dinner plates and hand clocks to Diesel&co), while the 38mm is too "soft" and feminine (i'd argue even for the average lady who wants a diver... at least mine wouldn't)... Make the Kontiki in 40-42mm (with 48 l2l max) and i'm selling my Chopart and switching to Eterna. until then...