Thursday, March 30, 2023

Watches and Woes

When a mega watch fair becomes a shit-show.
Picture, Rod Hess

So the simple question that should be asked is - if BaselWorld was a text book lesson in how to kill the biggest watch event by throttling the golden goose, why didn't the organizers of Watches and Wonders download that particular self-help book on their Audible account?

Long lines, insufficient hotel access, and unlike BaselWorld, most journalists were not offered a rose in the final Rose Ceremony that was run by the (sorry) dim-witted group making the accreditation decisions. Yeah, still a little bitter.

So the real question is this - can, and more importantly? WILL the organizers of Watches and Wonders listen to their better angels and pull their collective heads out of their backsides?

We shall see. 

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