Tuesday, March 14, 2023

In Case You Missed It - The GEO.GRAHAM Tourbillon Orrery

This is not a "hot drop" in the traditional sense. It is not new, it has been around for awhile. But the interesting thing for 3 lucky collectors out there, is that there are still a few available!

Courtesy of Graham
Known as "Honest George Graham" by fellow watch makers, George Graham was an unlikely hero in the quest for longitude, or more specifically the ability to determine true longitude at sea. John Harrison was provided an introduction to Mr. Graham, who in turn became an advisor to him. Honest George provided Mr. Harrison with interest free loan to begin work on his marine chronometers, and introduced I'm to the Board of Longitude.

Courtesy of Graham
When taking George Graham's horological exploits into account, there really couldn't be a more fitting tribute than the GEO. GRAHAM Tourbillon Orrery. A modern tribute to George Graham's original Orrery - a clock-bound mechanical solar system that was presented to the 4th Earl of Orrery, Charles Boyle in 1713.
Courtesy of Graham

Per Graham -

The Orrery's display includes the Moon, Earth, Mars, and the Sun based on a 300-year calendar. The Sun is represented by a pink gold (18K) hand-engraved Tourbillon bridge with 2 Phoenix heads which celebrate the decoration used by George Graham. The year counter on the case back enables correction for the planets (Moon: 7 years, Earth: 1156 years, Mars: 25 years).

The case is of gold, and measures 48mm x 17.60mm. The movement is noted as caliber G1800. It is manual winding with a 72 hour power reserve. It was created in cooperation with Christophe Claret.

Courtesy of Graham

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