Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Traversetolo

Now I know that this might seem like an odd parallel for some readers, but when I think of Panerai and in particular the runaway insanity that the Luminor wrought amongst San Francisco's watch cognoscenti circa 2003, I am reminded of a moment that I had while manning the counter of the first iteration of Tourneau involving Panerai and the Eberhard Traversetolo. A customer came in and said:

"I'm looking for a watch, I can't remember exactly but it sounded Italian."

"Ah, you're in luck! We just got this Panerai into our pre-owned!"  Needless to say, I was already counting my commission ; )

"No, that's not the one..."

"Well, we also have Anonimo!"  
(author's note - this was back when Anonimo was actually made in Italy.)


I took out my trusty copy of the Wrist Watch Annual and started leafing through the pages, and there in Eberhard's entry was the Traversetolo.  

"That's it!  That's the one!"
Courtesy of Eberhard
(Editor's Note - this is the current Traversetolo, very similar, but not exactly the same as the Traversetolo of 2003).

Well, gentle reader, this is where a fast sale went down the tubes.  

"Well sir, I do apologize but we do not carry Eberhard...but I can see if we have one in the Tourneau inventory in pre-owned."

Every Tourneau was consulted, no avenue left unexplored, and the following Saturday we had not one, but two Traversetolos sitting in the safe.  

The customer came in, examined both the black dial and the white dial versions we had brought in -
Courtesy of Eberhard
And looking at his two daughters who had come in with them, bought them both! 

What this reminds me is that in a world that all might be swimming in one direction, there are a wonderful handful of people who know what they like, and can make up their own minds.

Enjoy your watches!

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