Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The SUB 200 C-Graph

From DOXA -

Courtesy of DOXA
Okay, gotta' admit, I am a wee little bit conflicted by this one. Even during my time working for Rick Marei and selling the DOXA SUB directly, I was never a huge fan of the T-Graph.  I know, every desk diver and over-stuffed diving suit clad devotee of Watch U Seek feels emotional, well, swellings when discussing the T-Graph. Simply put? It just was never my jam.
Courtesy of DOXA
And with this new SUB 200 C-Graph, the Jenny family and their retinue have firmly thrown down the gauntlet.  It is now abundantly clear that DOXA is aiming to position itself on a different plane of perception with distributors and retail partners.

And in fairness?  It's not the worst idea out there, because if early rumblings from the DOXA community are anything to go by, the new team handling the phones in North America are not really wired the same way as the Marei team was. Therefore although you can purchase directly from DOXA, at least up until recently you can also purchase one from a retail partner. 

Courtesy of DOXA

Now given the reality of COVID-19, that might not have been the best thought out plan in hindsight, but in truth? Nobody really saw this coming.

One of the ongoing arguments I had with Rick when I was at DOXA was trying to drive home 2 important points:

1.  There are only so many orange dialed dive watch customers out there.

2.  Of those customers? They can only buy so many different versions of, for the most part, the same watch.

And trust me, this is not "rearview mirror sour grapes".  It is the same thing I have up until recently tried to make clear with every client I have worked with - if all of your customers are in New York, then you don't really need to keep hammering that market - they already know about you! It is time to spread the word in other parts of the country!

For the Marei era DOXA? That meant that while Watch U Seek and the official forum with evangelists like Peter Millar were going to reach a certain demographic, it was not necessarily the basket to place all of your eggs in.

But, back to the SUB 200 C-Graph.

Unlike the Marei era DOXA SUB, the Jennys have opted to release ALL of the color ways at the same time rather than drip them out over a 9 - 18 month period one or two at a time. 

Now the main difference is that the Jenny's can afford to produce the watches, market and sell them all at the same time, and are not dependent upon a pre-sale strategy to help fund the production.

So it seems that the Jenny's are committed, and ready to spend the money and at least on the design, manufacture and promotion of the new collections, they are doing well (the less said about the SUB 300 Aqua Lung US Divers the better). Now there is still some improvement to be made on their sales team in the direct portion of their business, but with the introduction of distributors? That makes that less and less of a pressing priority.

Courtesy of DOXA
Look, I know that we are all romantic about certain things in our lives. And it's hard not to be romantic about watches. But things can, and inevitably must change. And while my personal jury is still out on the new direction that DOXA is taking with the SUB, the boat seems to be sailing forward, so let's see where they go.

Courtesy of DOXA
The price is $2,790 

Here are the pertinents -

Swiss mechanical automatic, self-winding, Chronograph
Power reserve: 48 hours
Frequency: 28'800 vph (4.0 Hz)
27 jewels
Decorated by DOXA

Stainless steel
Diameter: 45.00 mm x 49.00 mm
Thickness: 17.25 mm
Crystal: Glass box sapphire
Unidirectional rotating bezel
Screw-down crown
Lug width: 20 mm
Water resistance: 20 ATM / 200 meters / 656 feet

Hours, minutes, seconds

Sapphire box glass
Unidirectional rotating bezel


Stainless steel “Beads of Rice" bracelet attached by screws to ensure a secure fit, folding clasp with wetsuit extension, exclusive
DOXA fish logo
FKM rubber strap with pin buckle, exclusive DOXA fish symbol on the pin buckle
Lug width: 20 mm

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