Thursday, March 26, 2020

Too Small To Fail

I think it's safe to say that if you read Tempus Fugit you are:

Interested in watches

Unable to sleep at night

Appreciate sarcasm

And for the six of you out there reading this, I appreciate it!  

But as I always say, Jesus started with just 12 followers, so you never know ; )

There are not many new releases coming out, and seeing as I am not on Breitling's Christmas card list, I cannot write about their new release.  Curious to relate, Hodinkee is stating that they have it as an in-store limited edition as they are now (apparently) an authorized retailer and A Blog To Watch decided to write about the same new release.  Let's hope ABTW gets a spiff for every conversion that comes in from their post ; )

But, back to the topic at hand.  Because just as Too Big To Fail made it hard to shed too many tears for the investment banks engaging in moral hazard and were then bailed out, it is hard to feel bad for people who are driven by profit margins and will lay off staff tens at a time but hang onto their company car until the end.

But what about the folks out there who do it for love (and a little money)?

Well, during "lockdown" I am not going to tell you about what I am wearing, or binge watching.  I am going to be talking about the brands that are too small to fail.

Stay Tuned!

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