Friday, March 27, 2020

Too Small To Fail - Sartory Billard

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In the interest of full disclosure, I consulted with Sartory Billard for about a year.  I am no longer working with them on a professional basis, so I feel that I can fairly and honestly speak about them now.

I first met the Billard half of the Sartory Billard team a little over two years ago at BaselWorld.

At the time, they were on their second iteration of offerings, the SB02 (reviewed here -

It was built on a pretty basic premise - a quality watch at a fair price, with a twist.  The twist being that you (yes you, watch owner) could easily remove and install a different bezel pretty much at will thanks to the four bolts at the four bezel corners as well as the special tool included with the watch itself. 

And this really marked the start of Sartory Billard's presence to the larger watch world.  

Building on that success, they launched their latest collection, the SBO4.  And it is from this point that Sartory Billard left the world of quirky and affordable, and entered the realm of awareness in the larger, heavier hitting press and collectors.  

The ones that caught my eye feature a dial crafted of titanium, polished to perfection.  An assortment of colors including blue, purple and burgundy -

And if you're after something even more exotic?  How about meteorite?
The simple truth is that as a small brand, Sartory Billard has the flexibility to offer something a bit beyond the ordinary, at a fair price, and do so without five layers of management tripping over each other to make it happen.  

Most large brands are about as nimble as a Greyhound bus.  Smaller brands like Sartory Billard are as nimble as the actual greyhound itself.  Smaller?  Yes.  Potentially stronger?  Absolutely.

And unlike those private brands funded by offshore money, Sartory Billard is made up of the two founders, working to produce something unique.  They will not get a cash injection from a Saudi Prince, or a large group like Richemont.  For brands like this it's up to them to make it happen.

That's gutsy, but also admirable.

Sartory Billard - Too Small To Fail.

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