Sunday, March 15, 2020

Nut Up Or Shut Up

It's been an interesting week here at Tempus Fugit HQ.  As a rule, I try to keep my personal shit out of the conversation, but in this instance?  I'm sorry, I'm going to weigh in.

If analytics are accurate, Tempus Fugit has readers in North America, the UK, Switzerland, France and some other countries.  A good day is 3,000 unique readers/viewers.  I have never tried to infer that I have a bigger readership than I do, and frankly?  I do not have a huge readership compared to Monochrome, A Blog to Watch, Hodinkee or Fratello.  I can live with that.  But, for those of you reading this, I would like to try and speak from the heart on topics that are maybe not directly related to watches, and (given LVMH's decision to have 2 very poorly conceived events in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak in the US and UK and specifically New York City and London), I think it's time to stand up and be counted.

I am a small voice, I can live with that.  But truth be told?  I am disappointed with my colleagues in the 4th and 5th Estate who remain silent when brands and show organizers act irresponsibly.

The watch press is clearly unique.  The auto industry expects evisceration from the auto press.  The restaurant industry does not expect Michelin to be gentle in their reviews.  What is it about the watch business that not only expects, but demands that the press has their noses firmly rooted in their backsides?  Something needs to change.

Is it good that LVMH is now going to pivot and make hand sanitizer?  Of course.  

Is it bad that they held PR events in 2 incredibly impacted areas to launch new watches this past week?  Of course.

Here are some crazy ideas for the big swinging dicks calling the shots -

1.  Accept that you are not invulnerable, and that Covid-19 is real, and a real threat.

2.  Stop all the bullshit trying to convince people that your brand is too "bad ass" to be impacted by Covid-19.  The shit is real, it does not care how much money you have.

3.  Put out messages like the ones from much smaller, much more financially vulnerable companies - 

Or, you can invite people to your glitzy party.  Oh, wait, that's right!  You can't!  You have a list of the beautiful people who will be invited.  Many of your actual customers weren't one of the beautiful people who were invited!  So good news for you folks not deemed worthy enough, even though you bought the watch?  You might have dodged a bio-hazard bullet!  

And to the people propping up this shit for international magazines praising dumb-assed behavior?  Shame on you.

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