Thursday, June 27, 2019

Two Exciting New Models from Sartory Billard

Now before we dive into these two new models, I have to make sure that it is clearly disclosed that I do have a business relationship with Sartory Billard in terms of marketing, sales and communication in North America.  Having said that, I do feel that these two new models are intriguing, interesting and offer something special at a great price.  BUT - once again - I do work with Sartory Billard, so I want to make sure that readers are aware of this relationship.

Now part of what is both great and frustrating about working behind the scenes with some brands in a consulting role is that you often have a jump on your colleagues in the Fourth and Fifth Estates to be able to break news.  I believe that there is such a thing as ethics, and owing to this I have waited to give other outlets first crack at the bat to share these two new models from Sartory Billard.  But as I am also a fan, as well as a consultant, I wanted to share some of my own opinions about the new SB04 models from Sartory Billard.

Courtesy of Sartory Billard
This is the SB04 Blue Polished Titanium

Automatic Swiss movement, 26 jewels, 4Hz.
40 mm (without crown) 316L stainless steel case
11 mm thick
Sapphire crystal

The dial is made of polished titanium.
Courtesy of Sartory Billard

And this is the SB04 Meteorite.

The specs are essentially the same, but in this instance the dial is of meteorite.

My understanding is that with both of these models, the hands are made by hand by Sartory Billard.

I have reached out to confirm pricing, and will update this post when I have it for both models.

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