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Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt been following the story of the new Tag Heuer / Kith limited editions. And yes, they are fun watches and have clearly caught the imagination of many. They have also created a bit of controversy as the timing of the release and subsequent coverage in Hodinkee followed so closely on the heels of a "Talking Watches" episode featuring the founder of Kith, Ronnie Fieg and his rather extensive collection of (now vintage, which I guess makes me vintage too)Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches. 

I am sort of so-so on the whole Talking Watches thing. The one with celebrity chef Emeril and his son was sorta' cringeworthy. With that said, this one with Mr. Fieg was quite good. His story about receiving his first Tag Heuer from his mother who worked for Tourneau was very relatable. 

With that said...

Hodinkee's editorial independence was stressed in a disclaimer at the header of the article announcing the new release of the Kith pieces. Again, it raised more than a few eyebrows as it appeared just after the interview with Mr. Fieg.

Don't that put the 'Dink in cowinkidink?

The other complaints are about pricing. And in fairness, the price is more than a tad ambitious for a watch of this composition (quartz, plastic, stainless steel). Well, to each their own, there is little doubt out there that these will sell through quickly.

It seems that watch journalism writ large has become sort of an oxymoron. It's unfortunate, but that seems to be the way it has slid down the slippery slope when retail sleeps in the same bunk as editorial. And, gentle reader, it's not just editorial abutting commerce. It goes deeper. When Watches and Wonders is paying the freight to bring journalists from around the world to cover their pre-programmed event, it is really the business equivalent of tying a pork-chop around your unattractive child's neck to get the dog to play with it. I have no doubt that those of us who got into this writing about watches thing did so out of passion and enthusiasm. I remember a time, way back when, we would all smile and shake hands with sincerity when we met at BaselWorld. Over time that friendly comradery morphed into open antagonism for many. Friendships faded, out and out skull duggery emerged. 

It used to be different, but times can and inevitably must...change.

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