Friday, June 2, 2023

The Mechanik2

I have known Christian Gafner for a minute or two. We first met in 2013 when I bought a pair of Ilmia sneakers from him in what is now the Hyperion hotel during BaselWorld. 

I ran into him again in 2019 on the train from the airport in Zurich heading to the Jura. In fairness, that was not such a random meeting as I had plans to meet him in Biel-Bienne, and he just happened to get onto the train car that I was traveling on. When we arrived in Biel-Bienne he sold me another pair of Ilmias!

Needless to say, he has done a lot in the world of design and up to now his "Magnum Opus" has been the original MIH watch. But it seems that he might be about to leave even bigger footprints on the horological landscape.
Courtesy of Mechanik2
The Mechanik2 is the newly minted reinterpretation of the original MIH watch. It has been a long, slow, steady process but one that is hopefully about the reach the finish line.  

While similar in many aspects to the original, this new piece is not a complete "homage" and that is a good thing. It will offer the opportunity for those who missed the first "go-round" to get the next generation. 

It is important to note that this is not, has not (and as far as I understand it) will not be "endorsed" by the MIH. But that takes nothing away from the ambition of its design and its execution.

If you feel that this might be in your wheelhouse, check it out yourself at the Mechanik2 website -

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