Thursday, February 9, 2023

Just Under The Radar - the Méraud Antigua

Having sat out most of the last year, I hope that I can be forgiven for missing a few shots across the bow in terms of new releases. This one is from a small and "newish" brand based in Ghent,Belgium. This is the Antigua, from Méraud.
Courtesy of Méraud 

And while Belgium is a small country, it has provided the world at large with quite a lot -
Tintin and Snowy © Hergé 

Perhaps the most famous reporter never to win a Pulitzer, Tintin.

A former volunteer nurse and struggling chorus girl.
Courtesy of Wikipedia
And newspaper delivery boy who many feared had missed his true calling.

But back to the Antigua -
Courtesy of Méraud 
In a world of countless black-dialed micro brand dive watches, this is a bit special.

Limited to 100 pieces, this chronograph measures 40 mm in diameter and houses what Méraud describes as a "restored" Landeron 248 under the hood. Now I am (despite my cynical nature) a romantic. Having owned a few "modern" watches with restored Landeron movements, I can say that there may be the potential for occasional quirks. In my case it was a hesitation in the main chronograph hand. But in fairness, that could happen with a brand new Valjoux. More to the point, if the descriptions are anything to go on, Méraud has been working on this release for some time, so with luck it should be a winner.

The Méraud Antigua weighs in at a reasonable $1,922.00 (US$). This is a pre-order item, so you 
will need to be patient as delivery is projected for 

The Méraud Antigua will be available in two flavors:
Courtesy of Méraud

"Soft Sand"

Courtesy of Méraud

"Miho Black"

For more information and ordering details, visit Méraud's website -

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