Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Series 8 - And Why I Want It

From Citizen -
Courtesy of Citizen
This is actually 1 of a series of 4 new watches from Citizen, but for me this one is "Best In Show".
Courtesy of Citizen
This specific model is the NB6010-81E.  I realize that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it is a name worth remembering. And for me this one not only speaks to me, but actually shouts to me. Regular readers will note that I spent several years in Japan following university. And for me, it is really where my "grown-up" life started. I have searched high and low for a full-on (case and movement) Japanese watch that would not only visually take me back, but also viscerally hit that memory button for me, and this one finally seems to have done what Seiko and G-Shock have nearly, but not quite yet succeeded in doing.
Shamelessly Borrowed from the World-Wide Infoweb
This is a watch I could see a brooding, super cool Ken Takakura wearing as he walked the streets in the evening. Not in a hurry, but always with a purpose.
Courtesy of Citizen
This is a watch with balance. Something sporty and dead cool in a world of jumped-up dive watches. You want this watch.  I know I certainly do. It is at once nostalgic and modern, without putting on airs of being something that it isn't.

It is priced at a reasonable $1,000 US.
And needless to say, I am preparing for an awkward conversation with my piggy bank ; )

If it is in your wheelhouse, and it certainly is in mine, here are the pertinents -


9051 - Automatic: Hours, minutes, seconds and date
42 hours of power reserve, Antimagnetic 16000

40 mm stainless steel, water resistant to 333 feet

Antireflective sapphire crystal
Impact and shatter resistant, antireflective coating 

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