Thursday, August 12, 2021

Despite Myself... A Breitling I Love

I don't really like Breitling. There, I've said it. When I first started Tempus Fugit I did a "Bud Fox".  I emailed them nearly daily, trying against all hope to get even the most basic press release, and I got...

BaselWorld would roll around and I would email and call, desperately trying to get even a "cattle call" meeting, and I got...

Now on a side note, in an earlier life, I sold a BOATLOAD of Breitling watches when I worked behind the counter at Tourneau. And unlike my colleague, a smarmy worm who I still refer to as "Deep South" (as in the moment you asked about a watch, the price dropped by 30%), I sold A LOT of Breitlings, ALL AT FULL PRICE.

So to the folks manning the PR/Communications office at Breitling, it would have been nice to even get the most basic of email replies, but I suspect you were too "busy".

But sometimes, a watch grabs your attention despite your full awareness that the brand that made it really could care less about you as a customer, or a member of the Fourth and Fifth Estate. So with that said, despite their indifference, Breitling made something that has hit me with a visceral sucker punch -
Courtesy of Breitling
This is the Navitimer B01 Chronograph Swissair version.  
Courtesy of Breitling
In my time in the watch game, I have flown Swiss Air a bunch. And I have to say that even in "cattle class", it is always a pleasant and enjoyable experience. I would go even further - I really like Switzerland. If it wasn't a prohibitively expensive place to retire to, or if some company hired either Wendy or I to work there, I would be on the first available flight (Swiss, of course). While many of my colleagues on both sides of the BaselWorld counter dread the watch fairs, I really love them.  It's a great opportunity to see old friends, make new ones, and if you 're lucky?  Do a little business ; )

So despite their indifference, and my ambivalence, well done to Breitling, you've made something that really speaks to me.

Should you feel similarly inclined, here are the pertinents -


Caliber Breitling 01 (Manufacture) 
Movement self-winding mechanical 
Power reserve approx. 70 hrs 
Chronograph 1/4th second, 30 minutes, 12 hours 
Vibration 28,800 v.p.h 
Jewel 47 jewels 
Calendar Dial aperture 


Case material Stainless Steel 
Caseback Screwed in (sapphire crystal) 
Water resistance 3 bars 
Bezel Bidirectional, slide rule 
Crown Non screw-locked, two gaskets 
Crystal Sapphire, glareproofed both sides 


Product Weight (Approx.) 159.0 g. 
Watch-head Weight (Approx.) 80.4 g. 
Diameter 43.0 mm 
Thickness 14.2 mm 
Height (upper lug tip to lower lug tip) 49.1 mm 
Lug width (in-between lug) 22.0 mm 


Strap material Calfskin Leather 
Strap color Black 
Strap type Straight 
Lug 22/20 mm 
Buckle Material Stainless Steel 
Buckle type Tang-type 

Buckle size 20 mm

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