Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Multifort Patrimony Chronograph... In Blue

From Mido -
Courtesy of Mido
The case is of stainless steel (with rose gold pvd treatment) and measures 42 mm in diameter.
Courtesy of Mido
The movement is the self-winding/automatic Caliber 60 which is based on the ETA A05.H31, featuring two and a half days of power reserve.  Just enough for the weekend if this is your "going to town" watch (i.e. Monday - Friday).
Courtesy of Mido
This one definitely appeals to me. As my odometer is approaching 53, and I am firmly ensconced in the world of non-profit administration, I feel confident (barring a Lotto windfall) that I will never be walking into a boutique and placing my platinum card on the counter to purchase a solid gold chronograph, so this is within the realm of realistic possibility for yours truly. 
Courtesy of Mido

And the price?  
CHF 1,990 is the ask.

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