Monday, June 21, 2021

Alain Silberstein Returns to Besançon!


Courtesy of Utinam
Or perhaps he never really ever left!

I had the opportunity to visit Utinam's workshop and boutique in Besançon back in November 2019 and meet Philippe Lebru as well as a young clock maker from New Jersey! 

I know that Switzerland is where most people travel mentally when thinking of watch making, but for my money there is a certain magic about Besançon that is hard to really get your head around until you spend some time there.

Courtesy of Utinam
This is the latest bit of magic to spring forth and is a wonderful mash-up of the horological whimsy of Alain Silberstein and the structural awesomeness of Philippe Lebru - the Kontwaz Bauhaus 2.

Courtesy of Utinam

There have been some nice watches to come forth from the Silberstein collaboration with Louis Erard, but this clock really speaks, or in this case - sings to me!
Courtesy of Utinam

So welcome back to Besançon Alain Silberstein, or perhaps you never really left ; )

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