Tuesday, June 22, 2021

21 Years Later, The Bubble Hasn't Burst

This is the Bubble X-Ray -

Courtesy of Corum
It is hard for me to look back to 2000 and not remember all of the buzz and excitement that the Corum Bubble created. In fairness, there were plenty of doubters and more than a few haters.

I can honestly say that for my part, I was on team Severin with this one, but I appreciate that it clearly wasn't everyone's baby.

Well, 21 years later and the Bubble clearly has a whole new raft of fans, and the skull is back!

Limited to 88 pieces, the case measures a robust 47 mm in diameter, and is of PVD treated stainless steel. The movement is the CO 082, which is self-winding/automatic.

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