Wednesday, April 7, 2021

And After ALL That Anticipation...

Tudor presents -

Courtesy of Tudor

Courtesy of Tudor
Two new iterations of the Black Bay Chronograph with "panda" style dials.

For just south of 5,000 CHF, you get:
A 41 mm steel case with Calibre MT5813 and a five year guarantee. Oh, wait! You also get your choice of three (3!) bracelet styles - that will be a fun one to haggle over at Tourneau/Watches of Switzerland ; )

But wait! There's more!

Courtesy of Tudor
A, sigh, silver dial Black Bay. Available in the usual suspect sizes of 32, 36 or 41 mm.
A really (I gotta' be honest) blah dial in a stainless steel case. Your's for 2,800 CHF.

Hey, the kids out there like bitchin' black dial Black Bays! Let's make some more!
Courtesy of Tudor
This is the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925
The case measures 39 mm with an open case back.  The movement is Tudor'sMT5400
Yours for CHF 4'100. Oh, one other thing...
this one is apparently made of... silver. Let's file that one away for future reference once that tarnish sets in.
Courtesy of Tudor
The 1926 which reminds this writer that sometimes the past is best left, well, in the past.
Available in a plethora of sizes -
28, 36, 39 or 41 mm 
Stainless steel and priced at CHF 1,750

And last but not least -
Courtesy of Tudor
A green dialed, gold cased dive watch...
Shamelessly Borrowed from the World Wide Infoweb
And priced at - CHF 16,000

Well, in the spirit of Tudor's catchy tagline, I guess I was born to dare to call this anxiously anticipated release of new watches, well, disappointing.

You remember when you were a kid and it was your birthday, and you hope you're going to get something great like a baseball glove or even a new bike? You wake up bright and early, and there on the breakfast table is a 3 pack of Fruit of the Loom briefs that your folks didn't have time to wrap?  Yeah, this release sort of feels like that. Glad I didn't have to pay for a plane ticket and hotel in Geneva.

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