Thursday, March 25, 2021


Okay, I have already received, surprisingly, A LOT of concerned messages asking why I was closing down Tempus Fugit, and I want to quickly point out that Tempus Fugit is still very much alive and well.

As mentioned, the only real thing that has changed is that I will no longer be doing reviews.  I will still write about watches, the industry, etc.  I will simply no longer do reviews (a week on the wrist, etc.) as I do not feel that they are anything more than marketing activities (both for the brand, and the reviewer).

Courtesy of Amazon

One of my favorite all-time books is Carter Beats The Devil. In one instance, Charles Carter (a once famous magician) is plotting his comeback, but wants it to be a surprise. So rather than a traditional poster announcing the show, he has a poster created that says at the top:

"Carter the Great"

In the main part of the poster an image of Charles Carter in stage costume, and then at the very bottom:


Again, I truly appreciate the kind messages, and sorry Watch Town - I'm not done yet ; )



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