Wednesday, March 10, 2021

As Reality Settles In - Watches and Wonders is Not Such a Hard Pass

Well, things must be getting chancy! Believe it or don't, the "Conciergerie" from Watches and Wonders has personally invited me to participate in their exciting new virtual show! You may remember Tempus Fugit's previous invitations and visits to the show formerly known as the SIHH... 
as in, you got it - NEVER! Five years of begging, pleading, offering to clean the toilets if ONLY I could get an invitation.  The response was, five years running - "Go piss up a rope!"  

When I finally did get a grudgingly worded invite back in 2017 - encouraging me to kindly consult the local bus station to make sure it was okay to sleep in the waiting area, I was so over the whole experience that I asked the kind people at Richemont as well as "The Man With 2 First Names" to kindly give my invitation to someone who actually cared, as that person was most certainly not me.

So here's the tricky part - every year in the past I would get invitations from the participating brands, sometimes nearly every one of them, only to be told by Richemont and The Man With 2 First Names, sorry, you are not welcome. And to be abundantly clear, I was not the only one. But by the fifth time around, having spent the entire year exhaustively chasing down every potential story for every brand in the Richemont stable, it really dawned on me that it was a profound waste of my time and energy.

While I certainly wish the fair formerly dominated by Richemont the best of success, I think I'll wait for the download on YouTube. 

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