Monday, February 1, 2021

Moonphase Monday - The Fiftysix Complete Calendar 18K 5N Pink Gold

From Vacheron Constantin -
Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin
Okay, it bears mentioning that I realize that for many readers - this writer included, the idea of owning a watch from Vacheron is akin to drinking water from the moon. But I also believe that she watches (not brands, but individual watches) are not unlike a singular work of art that you wear on your wrist. This is not "payola fluff". If I am completely honest, Vacheron makes some watches that frankly offend my sense of aesthetics. Eric Ripert is a wonderful chef and I truly enjoyed his memoir - 32 Yolks.  But the American from the Historiques collection for all its pedigree simply is not my jam, no matter how fondly he recounts acquiring it.  And then again, it also illustrates that we all have to dance to our own drumbeat ; )

But back to the Fiftysix Complete Calendar -
Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin
It is a beautifully executed design, and despite it costing more than my car, if money were no object I would be heading to the closest Vacheron boutique to pick one out.

Here are the pertinents -


  • 18K 5N pink gold

  • 40 mm

  • 11.60

  • Transparent caseback, sapphire glass

Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin


  • 2460 QCL/1

  • Self-winding

  • 29 (11 ¼''')

  • 5.4

  • 308

  • 27

  • 40

  • 28800 v.p.h. (4 Hz)

  • Hours, Minutes, Second in center, day of the week in apperture, stop seconds device, month in aperture, hand-type date, precision moon phase

  • Hallmark of Geneva

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