Friday, October 30, 2020

Curious to Relate

So this will no doubt come as a shock to many, but despite my railings, I do quite like the Hublot Big Bang, and despite the fact that Jean-Claude Biver had a full head of hair before he started reading Tempus Fugit and is rumored to have had a Henki voodoo doll on his desk... I honestly feel that it is a pretty cool watch, and he is probably one of the smartest people in the watch business, EVER. I stand by both statements.

And if I had the money? If I picked the lucky six numbers and Lotto changed my life financially? I'd honestly plop down my money for this one -

Courtesy of Hublot
Now a few things about me -

1. I live under no illusions that I am on the A (or some days, even C) list of "noted watch writers".

2. I do not charge brands to appear on Tempus Fugit and I do not typically have advertising (there have been a few short-term exceptions for advertising). Writing about watches is not my vocation. I am a social worker. The organization I work for provides support and help to people who would otherwise fall through society's cracks. If you live on the North Shore and need help with heating for your home, you are homeless, you have an elderly parent who needs help in their home, you need training to enter or re-enter the workforce or you have recently arrived in the US and you need to learn English so that you can get a job and begin your new life here? We are here for you. We are not flashy, we run on a shoe string.

3. While I cannot get behind some decisions that Hublot has made in terms of PR (the less said about Floyd Mayweather the better), they did support Lang Lang's efforts to combat the poaching of endangered animals, and they continue to do some positive things - including their support of Sorai.

Some more about me - back in 2003 I was particularly good at selling Hublot watches at Tourneau in San Francisco - and this was before Mr. Biver came along and (if we are honest) really made Hublot as big and successful as it came to be. It didn't just happen by accident. But it also is a brand clearly positioned to people who enjoy a certain lifestyle. And honestly? There is nothing wrong with that.

So truthfully? I am not Hublot's demographic. And I suppose I can live with that ; )
Ultimately, we should all simply like what we like.

When you write about watches, you frequently get "typecasted". But in fairness, when something speaks to you, it speaks to you. And the Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue speaks to me.

Now if like me, you are planning on how to spend your Lotto winnings and want the specs, here they are -

45 mm
Satin-finished and Polished Titanium
Satin-finished and Polished Titanium with 6 H-shaped Titanium Screws
100m or 10 ATM
Sapphire with Anti-reflective Treatment
Matte Blue Skeleton

HUB1242 UNICO Manufacture Self-winding Chronograph Flyback Movement 
with Column Wheel
72 Hours

Black and Blue Structured Lined Rubber Straps
Titanium Deployant Buckle Clasp

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  1. It's not to my taste. I see it has a date wheel, but I am unsure as to where the date window is. Does it even have one, or does it have 7 (and a half)??? I am very confused.