Saturday, May 23, 2020

11 Days Left In Our 10th Anniversary Fundraiser!

There are 11 days left in our 10th Anniversary fundraiser!

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It was June 29, 2010 when Tempus Fugit started with this post on the NOMOS Tangente - Where It All Begins

And believe me, given my current opinion of the communications/pr brain trust in Berlin by way of Glashütte, the irony of NOMOS being the very first post for Tempus Fugit is not lost on me ; )

While I had worked in the watch industry for some time, there was a lot to learn about how other brands and their teams worked.  I would say that for 8 years, the NOMOS media team were polite, and professional.  In the last 2 years?  Well, let's just say that the watch makers at NOMOS make a very fine watch. And the still fairly new Berlin based communications team and North American office?  
Probably the less said the better.

Tempus Fugit

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