Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Transfer Window Opens...

At ochs und junior -
Courtesy of ochs und junior
From their "News" tab:

16. March 2020
After managing the affairs of ochs und junior for the last three months, we are pleased to announce that Marc Bernhardt has permanently joined ochs und junior as new managing director. His appointment coincides with our imminent move to the new premises in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Here’s his reaction:

“I am absolutely thrilled to be joining ochs und junior, which right from the beginning in 2006, has done things contrary to the rest of the traditional watch industry. It shuns the world of hyper marketing, uses Ludwig Oechslin’s genius to create remarkably uncomplicated complications, treats its customers like friends of the family, and only makes watches as it and its customers see fit. I have come to appreciate ochs und junior’s often quirky supporters and have fallen in love with its timepieces. There is something genuine and brutal about them (I mean the watches), which is something that traditional watchmaking often lacks. There is no talk about “lifestyle”, or that you ought to wear the watch during the Battle of Britain or that a reincarnation of Mr. Breguet has magically worked on your watch. Going forward Ludwig Oechslin will continue to be the brain of the company and Jost Schlatter, whom we will profile in a later blog, is our skilled watchmaker putting together our unique time companions. My experience hitherto with ochs und junior can be summarized as follows: Ochs und junior may be a “strange animal”, but the more time you spend with it, the more you will discover that there is actually no other way to tell time. You will learn to tell time gradually, then very suddenly!”

It's weird to think about it now, but I was there in Lucerne now nearly 8 years ago when the new store had just opened -

Courtesy of ochs und junior
That's a younger, less grey me without beard looking thoughtful.

But life moves forward, doesn't it?  If the word around the campfire is to believed, Beat Weinmann has landed at another brand in a new role, and I guess the store formerly known as the "ochs space" will revert to whatever creative/artsy project is next in its future.

So good luck Mr. Bernhardt, let's see if you can make it a horserace.

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