Sunday, August 25, 2019

Something Surprising At SOWA

Okay, in fairness every city seems to have it's cool little enclaves.  When Wendy and I moved to San Francisco at the turn of the century, it was SOMA (South of Market).  And we've come to find out that Boston is no different with its SOWA (South of Washington) district.

During the winter months, there is the SOWA holiday fair which provides two weekend opportunities to come and check out local goods and food stuffs.  During the summer it expands to a weekly get-together complete with food trucks - and for the record, I LIKE FOOD TRUCKS!  While interesting, a lot of the booths are pretty predictable and some we have been seeing the same products for the past three years.  But today was different.  Today Wendy and I discovered Merchant Watch Company -

Now I personally had never heard of Merchant, or seen the straps produced by the owner, Kyle Moise.  But as I have often said before, I've led a bit of an unexamined life.  The straps made by Merchant Watch Company were quite impressive, and well priced for the amount of detail work that went in.

One that caught our collective eye was the Vintage Blue Italian Calf -

Courtesy of Merchant Watch Company
Now at the risk of sounding dismissive, there are a bunch of guys (and I suspect gals as well) in the US who are making custom and handmade straps. I've seen plenty, but these were pretty special.

But then something caught my eye, and that was the watch that Mr. Moise was wearing -

I tried not to pry to deeply as he had customers looking at straps.  But suffice it to say the straps (if I understand it correctly) are what pay the bills.  But in fact, what he is really devoted to is making a watch - case, crown, dial and hands (and yes, obviously straps) himself!  The movement is a manually wound Peseux.
Courtesy of Merchant Watch Company
I will reach out and see if I can get some more details on this, and any other watches that he might have up his sleeve, so stay tuned!

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