Monday, June 17, 2019

Summer Repeat: Why I Bought It - The Gorillia Fastback RS White

So it seems it is going to be a "Gorilla - heavy" few days here at Tempus Fugit ; )

I have been somewhat beguiled by the Gorilla Fastback ever since I clapped eyes on it at last year's (2017) BaselWorld.  It was a fun watch with some very serious, very genuine design bona-fides.

And the limited edition introductory piece came and went before I could even blink, but another model would come to vie for my attention. 

The Fastback is available in the white you see above, and two black versions, one with a very cool acid green pairing, the other with a camouflage strap.  The white, however, has always stayed with me.  

The size and the shape of the Gorilla is a little bit out of my usual wheelhouse, and I suppose in a way that is part of the appeal.

A lot of what is great about the Gorilla is not really "knowable" until you have one on your wrist.  At that point, it is almost a moment of "conversion".  If you were on the fence at all, you will likely be in at that point ; )

The Gorilla benefits from a seemingly random confluence of cool things:

2 very talented designers with a very strong background in high end watches - Lukas Gopp and Octavio Garcia.

A very, very cool design.

A legitimate mechanical watch with a more affordable, Japanese self-winding movement.

A very affordable entry point at $880.

In the US, a very dynamic retail partner who introduced the Gorilla Collection to the US market place with their online store, Watch Gauge

And it was Watch Gauge where I was able to purchase my very own Gorilla Fastback, and it sits happily on my wrist as I write this post.

Ultimately, a watch is not something we need in this day in age.  It is something that speaks to us on a different level.  And thank goodness their are interesting options out there like Gorilla, and there are retail partners like Watch Gauge dedicated to offering those somewhat less obvious, but certainly more interesting options.

Enjoy your watches! 

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