Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Anniversaries, Watches and Hermes

June 4th is a special day every year at Henki House.  And this year was particularly auspicious as Wendy and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Montreal, where we had our honeymoon back in 1994.

On the morning of the 4th, I set out from our hotel to fetch bagels (when in Montreal, do as the locals), and upon opening the door to our hotel room found this sitting in the entry way -

Now point of full-disclosure, I had toyed with the idea of an Apple Watch as a "work out" watch.  I certainly thought it was sort of cool.  But I had been burned by connected and smart watches before.  Functions never worked as advertised.  The watches frequently "pooped out" after a short amount of time.  I have given up on doing smart/connected watch reviews because of the three that I have done in the past:

1.  Watch crapped out in the middle of the 2 week review period
2.  Watch "soiled the sheets" approximately 3 weeks following the review period - i.e. it made it 1 month and 3 days.
3.  Watch worked great out of the box.  Ran fine for about 2 months, then software got buggy and never quite recovered despite multiple updates and re-sets.

So that's me, a little cynical.  

Now although we are only 2 weeks into this relationship, I take a lot of comfort in Apple's track record for reliability is pretty strong, and as an "Apple Guy" since 1987 I am definitely a fan of the interface, look and feel of Apple products.

And as I said, for a long time I have always been a mechanical fan, and even developed an appreciation for "clever quartz" pieces like Michael Happe's passion project, the Gavox Aurora -

As well as a new-found love for G-Shock following my visit to their factory last September -

But then I started wearing this -

The Apple Watch, in and of itself is quite a nice little timekeeper.  I refuse to call it a "wearable" because I feel if you're going down that road, you have to apply it to pretty much everything (just one man's opinion).  After a few weeks of blissful wear, I have discovered some of the pleasant benefits of wearing an Apple Watch.  The "walk measure" meter I use daily.  While driving if I am using my phone as GPS through the CarPlay?  The watch will "buzz" on my wrist with an arrow indicating what direction I need to turn.  I have not set-up the ECG function yet, but as a man of a certain age?  It's on the to-do list.  Other updates are pushed through, and again I actually appreciate it.  Before, anytime my phone pinged I was distracted and felt I needed to pull my phone out of my pocket, and check it.  Now?  A quick look at my watch tells me if it is important or not.  Also, like my two GPS enabled G-Shocks, I can be certain that the time is correct.

I love the ability to change faces.  I know, sort of silly, but I dig it!

While a standard Apple Watch gives you quite a few face options, the Hermès Apple Watch gives you, well, the 

Hermès faces!  So far I am sticking to the black, white and orange options as they really go with the tri-color straps.  

Another Hermès touch is (and I know this is VERY un-Henki), the packaging!

A larger Orange 

Hermès box holds two smaller boxes within.  One of them holds the watch head and an Orange rubber strap. The second box holds the AMAZINGLY wonderful 

Hermès leather strap -

Now I have seen 

Hermès straps on Hermès watches at BaselWorld, but in truth had never worn one.  I realize that hyperbole is an annoying trait displayed by those in the 4th and 5th Estates specializing in the luxury industry, but this is one wonderful strap.  

So much so, that I am already saving my pennies for 2 options -

Courtesy of Apple

Courtesy of Apple
One suggestion I would put out there for 

Hermès and Apple?  Make an Hermès strap case/pouch that could hold 3 or 4 different straps.  I know that you can park the straps "wherever", but let's be honest, when you're talking about an Hermès product, you are willing to go a little bit further to have something special.  So Hermès, if you go for it, no charge for the idea ; )

And when it comes to the Apple Watch itself?  Well I know that it is early days, and yes the Apple Watch has a few drawbacks, most notable for many of us is the need to re-charge it on a fairly regular basis.  And for many people out there, the feeling is that it is a LOT of money for something that might be outdated in a year or two.  Well, yes and no.  Ultimately, nothing is 100% permanent.  I have several friends and colleagues who are still wearing and enjoying their early versions of Apple Watches.  In addition?  Apple does offer a trade-in (providing your watch is "trade-in-able". 

Lastly, I will say that I was, and continue to be, profoundly touched by this gift.  If I had any doubt that Wendy "gets" me, well let's just say that she does.  

Enjoy your watches!

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