Thursday, June 13, 2024

Whodinkie now?

Word has slowly filtered out that another long-term Hodinkee loyalist has left the fold heading for... 

Shamelessly borrowed from the world-wide infoweb

Okay, technically Westlake. And hey, it might be a remote work situation ; )

If the Linkedin announcement is to be believed, the (according to Hodinkee's masthead) current Managing Editor - Danny Milton is now (also?) the Vice President of Content at Teddy Baldassarre...

Yes, I suppose that was sarcasm. Sorry. But gentle reader, this is not the first time that a high-profile Hodinkee departure has not exactly been acknowledged by the shot-callers at H central. His last article appears to be over a month ago (May 10). And I think this is where many of us wonder at what point will the talent drain stop? 

I have said more than once that insofar as editorial policies, I do not understand what makes Hodinkee tick. But beyond that, the bigger question is that with so much money that came in (unrealized profits from pre-owned watches notwithstanding), what is preventing Hodinkee from righting the ship and getting back on track to where they once were? And despite what people may think, I would actually welcome a revitalized, improved Hodinkee that reclaimed its stature as the standard in online watch media.

So with the next candidate for the hot seat on the Good Ship H yet to be revealed, we will wait and we will see.

And congratulations to Mr. Milton on his new appointment. Should you find yourself on the lakeshore near my hometown, I strongly recommend a visit to Mama Santas -

Shamelessly borrowed from the World-Wide infoweb

The pizza is well worth the trip ; )

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