Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Wednesday Night Cooking Club - Part Deux

"When someone gives you good advice? Take it!"

 So there I was, in an unlikely location, trying to get a better handle on just what this place was. The gentleman before you is Philippe Scholl. A man who knows more than a bit about coffee, and as I would discover, more than a bit about a lot of things, and could probably teach a master course on embracing life and making each day his masterpiece.

I think he could tell that I was a bit befuddled, so after he offered me another glass of wine, I asked - 

"What is this place?"

He smiled and told me -

"This is the Coolinary Mansion, where the Coolinary Cru meets."

In addition to a RIDICULOUSLY amazingly equipped kitchen, there was (as previously mentioned) a dining area complete with large screen tv, a tasteful bar (not one to attract bar flies and day-drinkers), and a vibe that I really can't put into words. Well, maybe I can put it this way - it is the type of place that you would want to hang out with your good friends, sharing moments together, telling stories, truly enjoying life, and making even more amazing memories. It is a place for friends, and friends yet to be met.

"So how did this whole thing start?"; 

"Well, we were all in a bar..."

I explained that it is entirely possible that is how the original Continental Congress came together leading to the formation of the United States ; )

It was still rather hard to get my head around. A top class kitchen of professional standards, a tasteful dining room / club area, a clubhouse that you felt instantly welcomed and at home in. And I didn't want to push. I was, after all, a guest in this place.

So I headed back out to the parking lot cum bistro and was sitting with Rod. He was on the phone giving feedback to someone who had participated in one of his pitch training sessions, when Philippe leaned out the kitchen window, and informed us that Marcel had called, and wanted to come over and cook, and maybe we should stay for dinner?

I looked at Rod, a smile slowly spread over his face. He asked me if I wanted to stay.

"Well, when someone gives you good advice? You take it!"

And Alea iacta est - the die is (or was) cast, and we started talking about what might be in store.

We have finished the amuse-bouche. Stay tuned for the next course!

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