Saturday, September 16, 2023

Just Under the Radar - the Seiya Automatic A167-C

For those in the know, who want the real-deal, down-home, can't get it unless you hop on a flight to Narita watch, the go-to source is Seiya Japan. Now obviously, you can get the "Japan Only" Seikos, Citizens and even The Citizen. But with that said, there is one particularly cool thing you can get that Seiya-San came up with on his own -
Courtesy of Seiya Japan
This will not be found on the site, unless you know the "secret handshake" - that is you go to the accessories page. There you will find two military style watches, one with a date, and this one. And this one is my personal fave.
Courtesy of Seiya Japan

The A167-C is of stainless steel, and measures a tasty 36 mm in diameter. The movement is automatic / self-winding from Miyota.

And best of all is the price - $358.00 USD

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