Monday, April 17, 2023

The "Neon Noir" Tudor X Rowing Blazers

As many watch journalists will relate, there are few new releases / special editions that can be kept secret  where a new watch model intersects with social media and a 24 hour watch news cycle. But then again, not every special project has been handled by Rowing Blazers -

So let's hop into the Wayback machine and return to those halcyon days of March, 2022. March 11, in fact. I got an email letting me know that there was going to be a special project open to a maximum of 100 people. Invitation only, targeting a delivery within 12 months. 

To quote the invitation announcement:

Our watch is a Black Bay 58 model in black, designed based on the original Tudor Submariner "Big Crown" watches from the late 50s.

I gave it all of about 5 minutes of deliberation and pulled the "commitment trigger".  And then I put the whole thing in the mental vault, and tried to forget about it as waiting for this was going to be like waiting for Christmas, your birthday, and graduation all in one go.

And time, as is its wont, went by. 

And then with the first signs of spring came the news that the Tudor "Neon Noir" watches were ready and would be shipping. And so, nearly a year to the day of its announcement, my "Neon Noir" Tudor x Rowing Blazers found its way to my door.

Needless to say, the Executive Publisher approved ; )

To say that I am a bit of a Rowing Blazers addict would be an understatement. My custom Tempus Fugit blazer has become somewhat of a conversation piece since its (and my) appearance at the Wind Up fair in New York this past October.

Now I have no doubt that there will be longer, more eloquent reporting on this special Tudor from the Great and the Good of Watch Town's Fourth and Fifth Estate. But as for myself? I have reported on many special watch projects, but this is the first one that I ever had the opportunity to do more than report, but actually participate. So a big thank you to Jack Carlson, Eric Wind, and the team at Rowing Blazers. It is nice to be part of the club!

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