Sunday, March 26, 2023

A Curious Choice - The Maradona Unique Piece

By Christophe Claret -
Courtesy of Christophe Claret
While it was over 35 years ago, Diego Maradona's "Creator Assisted" first goal against England in the 86 World Cup remains one of the most polarizing moments in sport. Love him or hate him, and leaving out this first goal, the second where he left every single England defender for dead is perhaps the greatest goal in World Cup history.

But we come to praise Caesar, not to bury him.

The watch itself, a unique is a wonderful example of miniature painting, by AndrĂ© Martinez. The case is of titanium, and the mechanism is a Westminster flying tourbillon minute repeater provided with a 4 jacquemart automatons. 

Here are the pertinents, straight from the source -

Technical specifications
Movement Caliber: NBC98, mechanical, 
hand-wound movement
Diameter: 37.00 mm Height: 9.03 mm 
(without hands)
Components: 511 Jewels: 36
Barrel: Single mainspring barrel
Power reserve: Approximately 60 hours
Escapement: Swiss lever 3 Hz frequency (21’600 vph) flying tourbillon with cage bridge decorated with the world cup Tourbillon rotates once every 60 seconds
Functions: Hours, minutes Hours, quarters and minutes repeater on demand Inertia wheel 4-note minute repeater playing Westminster chime 4-jacquemart automata animated when ringing slide to activate the minute repeater function 2-position crown - Drawn: time setting, 
Thrust: winding the movement

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