Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Coming Soonish...

As some of you reading this will already know, yours truly with the immeasurable help of the Paajanen family, Dan Mason, Carla Duarte, and Michel Ditisheim put out a small book on the history of the Vulcain Cricket's relationship with the Presidents of the United States. It was put out in partnership with Vulcain and provided free of charge to the general public. There was always a plan to put out a revised and updated book, and I am happy to say that this plan is still in action.

With that said, I also had to make the hard choice to pull the original from circulation without notice. For anyone out there who wanted one, I am sorry. But I also wanted to shed at least a little light on what can at best be called chicanery, and perhaps more honestly as the mischief of weasels.  And yes, the weasels, or in this case the belettes know who they are.

So with that said, I am pleased to relay that the extra time has afforded me the opportunity to get more original photos, documentation, etc. 

So for those who supported the original version, a big thank you and you can count on an update when we are ready to go. Should be a few more months - AFTER the spring watch shows.

Until then, enjoy your watches!


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