Thursday, November 18, 2021

Who's The Funny Looking Kid With The Big Nose?


Courtesy of Swatch
I am quite confident that the release of the Peanuts Swatch collection is maybe not "new" news for those of you who follow Swatch. Regular readers will note that I mastered the analog time telling system with my much cherished Timex Snoopy watch back in the 70s -

So needless to say, this new Swatch speaks to me.

Courtesy of Swatch
This is part of a larger Peanuts collection.  Sorry, the MAXI version has long since sold out.

Priced at $100 US, here are the basics:

41 mm in diameter, quartz movement, bio sourced materials.

Courtesy Amazon
So grab your favorite Peanuts Parade book and strap on a warm memory from your childhood!

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