Monday, July 5, 2021

The Chilllllton

From Haven Watch Co -

Courtesy of Haven Watch Co.

Now I will be the first to admit, I've led a somewhat unexamined life, and clearly need to get out more. And to my shame I was unfamiliar with the Haven Watch Co. and it's chronographs until a reader forwarded me a link.  Long story short, I am clearly at the back of the conga line on sharing news about Haven.

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Regular readers will know that I am a Northern Youth from a small Ohio town. So needless to say when I heard that there was someone in the midwest putting together some truly groovy chronographs, well my ears perked up.The first offering from Haven is still available, and comprises two chronographs known as the Chilton. And they are very fine, very desirable pieces. For those of you, like me, playing catch-up, here are some resources to learn more about Haven -

But growing up in Oberlin, I have to be honest that the Chilllllton just hits every visceral, watch loving nerve in the best possible way!

Courtesy of Haven Watch Co.
Per Haven's website, the Chilllllton is priced at $1,899 and are expected to start shipping this month (July 2021).

In Haven's own words -

After 2020 we wanted more color, so we made a tie-dyed watch. We’re still using the Sellita 510M, which is an amazing piece of machinery that keeps perfect time while putting up with monumental abuse. The 316L case is brushed and polished and features lyre lugs. It’s 37.5mm without the pushers or signed crown, and it’s 13.2mm thick—a true Goldilocks size. The sapphire crystal’s AR coated, and the titanium caseback features an etching of the Great Lakes, because the midwest is the best place in the world. The steel hands flouresce very brightly; we’re using the standard Chilton hands. We’ve tamed down the dial a bit, so that it won’t keep you awake, but it’ll be legible in the dark. The Chilllllton comes on the standard Haven-signed brick-link straight-end bracelet, plus will come with two sets of straps, both made in house: a taupe Saffiano strap from a tannery in France, and a Milled Ghost blue strap made by Conceria La Bretagna in Italy. We’re so psyched to get this out we’d rather just do it; there’ll be better photos later. Trust us for now that it’s way better looking in the metal.

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