Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Something Unexpected from Japan

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, please allow me to introduce you to -

Courtesy of Outline Watches Tokyo
Outline Watches Tokyo

Having lived in Japan for nearly 3 years, I am always curious about the things bubbling under the surface that only the locals know about. There are certain products, certain brands that remain unknown outside of the country. And beyond that, there are certain things that are only known by true insiders - a club within a club if you will. 

Courtesy of Outline Watches Tokyo
Outline Watches Tokyo is the baby of Japanese watch media veteran Yoshimasa Kikuchi. With some wonderfully whimsical products, he offers something that can't be found just anywhere. I will be sharing all of his offerings in subsequent posts, but for today we are sharing the Partner 1 -

Courtesy of Outline Watches Tokyo
This piece was a collaboration with "partner", noted actor Houka Kinoshita -

Courtesy of Outline Watches Tokyo
The watch is a diver that is (in fairness) inspired by divers of the past. But why I dig this is that it is a modern watch, it is affordable, and it is not trying to pretend to be anything that it isn't. And lastly? You aren't going to see it everywhere you turn.
Courtesy of Outline Watches Tokyo
It has some wonderful details that make this so much more than most of the watches you'll find at this price point.

Courtesy of Outline Watches Tokyo

Of the two versions, the date model still has some availability. It is priced at 66,000 Yen, which equates to $604.43 as of this mornings XE currency conversion rate.

Here are the pertinents -

Model number: 
Ref.YK20201-1 (dot type)
Material : 
Stainless steel
Case diameter 40 mm, case thickness 15.75 mm
Water Resistance: 
10 atmospheric pressure water resistant (everyday life water resistance) 
Automatic (manufactured by Seiko Epson Cal.YN55A / 22 jewel / hourly 21,600 vibration (day difference -25 seconds +35 seconds) / maximum winding during about 40 hours power reserve) 
Suggested retail price: 
66,000 yen each 
(assembly: Japan)
Warranty period: 
1 year

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