Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day

It's Inauguration Day in the US. And while it's been (honestly) a pretty freaky few weeks, we hold our collective breath and hope for a return to calm. And like many, I have had to remind myself that the US is an imperfect place, founded on ideals that are only as strong as the character of the people who live here. And I am many things, among them a hopeless romantic who hopes that we will always hear the voices of our better angels. 

Going way back, a Vulcain Cricket has been intertwined with the President of the US. The first being President Truman when a Vulcain Cricket was presented to him by the White House Press Photographer's Association. 

Even during the intervening years, a Vulcain Cricket found it's way onto the wrists of US Presidents albeit with the help of another romantic - Keijo Paajanen.
And the romantic in me hopes for 2 things -

1.  Vulcain will pick-up where Keijo left off (he passed away suddenly at the too-young age of 54), and do more than simply stick a watch in the "inter-office" mail. Presenting a Vulcain Cricket to the President of the United States is a BIG DEAL.  Bring back some of that magic, don't just phone it in.

2.  Include Keijo Paajanen and his father in the official history of Vulcain. They contributed to the history of Vulcain even when, in truth, there was no Vulcain. Leaving the Paajanens out of the "official" story is wrong.  They must be included, in particular Keijo, if for no other reason that they picked up the torch of Vulcain and carried it forward. Never seeking financial assistance from Vulcain once the company was brought back to life. 

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