Friday, January 15, 2021

Do It Yourself Swatch Haring!

So for those of you who missed out on the Swatch Haring/Mickey Mouse drop (I managed to get 2 out of 3) Swatch is giving you the chance to harness your inner 80s street artist -
Courtesy of Swatch (and Henki)
So I rolled up my virtual sleeves and teleported myself to a cold and snowy Ohio morning at Oberlin Middle School back in 1981 in Mrs. McEvoy's art class, where my ham-fisted and poorly executed art projects garnered a raft of Cs given most likely out of sympathy rather than even being good enough to earn that average mark ; ). 

In fairness, I did the work, I just could not execute anything vaguely resembling something aesthetically pleasing. But fortunately Swatch had me covered with a "Henki-Proof" system of design.

So if like me you missed out on Kinetic Mickey, lively-up yourself and head over to the Swatch x You page and make some 80s magic!

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