Sunday, December 6, 2020

Circular Watches

From ID Genève -
Courtesy of ID Genève
Every watch fan and most watch journalists get excited about the construction aspects.  But anyone who has toured the factory floors can tell you, there is a shit-ton of waste.
Courtesy of ID Genève
Now a little inside baseball for you, the majority of watch cases start life thousands of miles away from where they claim to originate. They typically start out as "blanks". Essentially cases that are the first step in case production. They arrive after a long boat ride, or via cargo plane but the point being is that 9 times out of 10, your stainless steel watch case did not spring to life within the cantons of Switzerland. Now as these cases start out as rough forms, there will always be a fair amount of excess that accumulates as they are shaped and formed.
Courtesy of ID Genève
So what if you collected all that waste, and re-purposed it? Well, that is what the people behind ID Genève are proposing to do.

The case is 98% recycled 4441 stainless steel collected in the Jura region.

The movements are re-furbished ETA 2824s.
Courtesy of ID Genève

Now regular readers will note that at Tempus Fugit we do not promote crowd-funding projects, and to be clear, that is still the case.  But this idea is a pretty interesting one, and once it has cleared its crowd funding phase.

Stay tuned!

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