Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Ring Is The Thing - Part the Second

"Invention is 93% perspiration 6% inspiration 3% perspiration and 2% butter scotch ripple."
Willy Wonka 

Courtesy of Black Badger
I have a lot of admiration for James Thompson's creative drive. And yes, he has partnered on plenty of nifty time machines. But when he is turned loose with just his imagination and some time, he comes up with some truly amazing things. 

You see before you the Fordite / Super Magnesium Showstopper -
Courtesy of Black Badger
What's Fordite? Good question, so I'll leave it to the folks who made this "one ring to rule them all", Black Badger, to explain it in their own words -
Fordite is the widely-accepted term for the paint that collects and builds up on work surfaces in the paint bays of industrial car factories. Hundreds of layers of totally random colors create geological effects within the material. 

Now most people would think gold, silver maybe ceramic, but paint?

Well, to quote David Letterman circa 1986 -
"It's a crazy idea, but it just might work!"

And it does!
Courtesy of Black Badger 

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