Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Seven Days (and More) with the Paulin Neo B

When you're on the B (or even C) list, you frequently don't get the press release, and brands are not always falling over themselves to send you a loaner watch for review. But every now and then, you will see something that catches your eye, and you decide to go for it. This is one of those times ; )

Last month a reader had forwarded me a link to the Paulin website. I suspect, in hindsight, that he/she might have read the release info on Quill & Pad (which I read a week or so later). That evening I mapped out which model I liked - which would be the Neo B (the yellow option) and opted for the cordovan strap (which you see above).

So from here on out, please keep in mind that this review is that of a cash paying consumer, not of someone who was sent a loaner sample. On the purchase side, I will say that when I finally did communicate with someone via the Facebook page's messenger function, they were polite, friendly and helpful. I received my order confirmation on October 21 (a very warm and fuzzy message thanking me for my order, and informing me that I would be getting a notification when my watch shipped). So I marked November 1 on my calendar (the day shipping was scheduled to start), and then... I waited for November 1, not unlike I used to wait for the first kick of the football season. November 4 came, and I reached out again via Messenger and got an update that yes, shipping had started, and my watch should be shipping soon. So, a wee bit vague, but fair enough. And then this past Monday, the 9th, I received an automated email from UPS that my watch had shipped. And true to their (UPS's) word, it arrived this afternoon. Now in truth I am of two minds on the communication from Paulin. On the one hand, they are a small family business and although communication was not as standard or timely as I would normally expect, all of the messages were warm and friendly.

My Neo B arrived on time as promised.  One suggestion that I would make to Paulin is to require a signature for delivery. Luckily, I was working from home (in-service day for those of us in education in the US), and was able to pull it off the porch right away. 

I love the packaging on every count.  Paulin has a nifty custom wrapping paper surrounding the box, and I'll level with you gentle reader, it's the little things that make a difference. 
Some more of the groovy wrapping paper!  
And then a wonderfully simple, recyclable bit of packaging -

And finally, the grand reveal -

I have to be honest, I was almost a wee bit sad that there weren't any more little touches to remove. In terms of the Paulin packaging it is definitely from the Goldilocks school of design - not too much, not too little, but beguilingly just right!

And now for the watch itself -
The watch itself is very well finished.  The dial is bright and shiny and it is truly a pleasure to wear. One small initial suggestion would to use a slightly more tactile crown. It is not the easiest to "get under" to set the watch. Not a deal breaker by any extent, just a little fiddly.

It's only been a few hours, but it is on my wrist and ticking away smoothly. 


That's it for the initial feedback, Friday/Saturday I'll provide some more in-depth feedback.

Stay tuned!

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