Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Halloween Hardware

Okay sports fans, as many of you know, Wendy and I live in Salem, MA - also known as the Witch City.  And among other things that draw people to visit our fair city, Halloween is a BIG one. And nothing against the folks who live here, and who travel here but it is always a fairly "steam-punk" affair. Nothing wrong with that, just not my jam.  But this is -

Courtesy of Bomberg
This is the BOLT-68 HERITAGE Sugar Skull Pink from Bomberg, and gentle reader, this is THE SHIT THAT KILLED ELVIS!  A few things to know about me, I am afraid of motorcycles, I am not a habituĂ© of tattoo parlors (one visit, one tattoo), and as a rule I am not drawn to skulls.  Just being honest, nothing wrong with them, just not a driving talisman for me. Or maybe I should say, up to now they haven't been...

I was doodling around and came across this piece of AWESOMENESS today.  This is the BOLT-68 HERITAGE.  Sort of spoke to me as I am a vintage 68 myself. But more than that, I love the dial, the play of color - and hand to God, I LOVE the skull!

To be fair, there are other, much more expensive options out there for those with a skull itch to scratch, but at $1,295 this is a screaming bargain, and it's sooooo dope!

The case is 45 mm in diameter, the movement is quartz, which frankly is becoming more and more appealing to me as time goes on. It's all fun and games until you pay for yet another service of your mechanical chronograph.

The dial - I could go on all day, but suffice it to say it speaks to me.

And one unexpected extra?  It comes with a watch chain and fob, so you can wear it as a pocket watch!

For those of you, like me, who are interested, here are the pertinents, this is definitely a Halloween Treat -


    Quartz, chronograph
  • CASE

    45mm, stainless steel black PVD

    Stainless steel black PVD, screwed-down

    Sapphire with anti reflective coating
  • DIAL

    Brass with (Clou de Paris) / satin finishing, applied luminous index with inner bezel

    Brass with galvanic treatement & colored painting, luminous


    Brushed stainless steel black PVD

    Chain & medallion included


    2 years


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