Friday, October 9, 2020

Bringing It All Back Home - at least to my "second" home

 This is the Vintage Automatic from Votum -

Courtesy of Votum
Every year I take a trip that pleasantly enough ends in Biel/Bienne. Apart from being the home of my good friend, Biel/Bienne is a truly fascinating city. It is the home of a few watch brands, a beguiling city scape, and it's where one of my favorite football (that's soccer to you) clubs is based -
Courtesy FC Biel/Bienne
Another interesting factoid? Biel/Bienne takes great pride in being a truly bi-lingual city. Let's just say it's got a lot to recommend it.

And yesterday I stumbled upon a ne... 
well, not really a new brand (although new to me) - Votum. For those of you as under informed as me, Votum was a brand that was based in Biel/Bienne. Like many brands, it passed through a few sets of hands before being revived once more by François Zahnd - the owner and CEO of watch manufacturing company fashiontime ltd. and Rolf Bodmer - a graphic designer from Zürich

But back to today's topic, the Votum Vintage Automatic -
Courtesy of Votum

I am a sucker for a classic design, no bells and whistles. I do not fantasize about punching Nazis on Omaha Beach, diving to salvage sunken ships, or pilot a fighter jet. 

But I don't just want a timekeeper. I want a time machine. I want to put something special on my wrist, but I also want to be able to pay my mortgage ; )

And it would seem that Votum have been actively reading my mind. A truly good looking, solidly made watch at a very, very fair price - 
CHF 635.00 if you are "in country" and a very, very accessible 589.60 if shipped out of the Cantons. Thank you Votum for making something that feels like you read my mind... NOW GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Here are the pertinents - 

Swiss Made
Case - 316L Stainless steel
Diameter - 41.00mm
Height - 10.60mm
Movement - Automatic Swiss Made
Crystal - Scratch resistant Sapphire
Strap - Genuine leather, steel buckle

Enjoy your watches!

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