Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Heritage Hand-Wound Redgold

 From Circula -

Courtesy of Circula
This is a nice idea that several brands (particularly German) dabbled with but never really managed to make happen. Utilizing a P.U.W. Caliber 561 hand wound movement, and wrapping it in a modern sized case (39 mm). I have to be honest, I'm sorta' digging it.

The price is also enticing - 714,29 € which if the site info is up to date, includes shipping.

The case is a three piece construction, secured by 4 screws at the back. It is of 316 L stainless steel which is Red Gold (PVD).
Courtesy of Circula

The movement is admittedly the star of the show -
P.U.W. 561 (new parts) from Pforzheim, German hand-wound movement. The only concerning point for me is the advertised "rate" of -15/+20 Sec/Day.  I have to be honest, that is not great, especially considering that the movements are NOS and have been "restored".  But, as the owner of an Angular Momentum equipped with a NOS FHF mvt., I can say that for better or worse, NOS movements are always going to have that Frank Lloyd Wright appeal - looks really cool, and Frank Lloyd Wright irritation - doesn't work 100% correctly. As the man who commissioned the Johnson Wax Building would attest, he took to keeping an extra garbage can in his office to put on his desk in case of rain, because as beautiful as the building was, it leaked. I have had my Angular Momentum worked on by the 
best in the business in both the US and Switzerland. And like a vintage car, you will only be able to coax so much out of it.

To be fair, I am only acquainted with Circula "virtually", but would point you to this review -

The Time Bum tends to be fair and honest, and he had a very favorable take on the Heritage Hand-Wound model. 

Needless to say, I am somewhat beguiled, and I am glad that Circula is out there, making some interesting pieces.

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