Friday, July 17, 2020

Worth It! The Spitfire

From Gavox -

Courtesy of Gavox
So let's be clear - I am not now, nor do I ever foresee myself desiring to be a pilot. Having said that, there is something so fundamentally right and logical about pilot's watches. Clearly laid out, extremely legible, and accurate. Well, that's what it's supposed to be, but all too often this is not the reality. All too often, brands feel they need to dress up the dial as it it were an F1 race car. Not so with the Spifire.  The dial is elegantly simple. The time is easily read, and owing to the quartz movement, it is going to be bang on time. Which is sort of the main reason why you wear a watch, right?

The Spitfire's case is of stainless steel and measures 36 mm in diameter. And isn't refreshing to have a smaller sized watch? Odd though it may be for some, less is often more and in this case that is absolutely true.

And last but not least?  The price - just north of $200 US!

Here are the pertinents -
  • Smallest unit displayed 1 Hz
  • Calibre Seiko Instruments VD75
  • Autonomy (+/-3 years)
  • Accuracy (minutes per year) 4
  • Measurements Ø 36.0 x 41.5 x 7.9 mm
  • Water-resistance 3 bar (50 m / 199 ft, static)
  • Time base Quartz Oscillator
  • Limited Warranty 24 months
  • Measure between horns (lugs) 18 mm
  • Sapphire crystal (AL2O3)
  • Anti-magnetism 1,600 A/m
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